Villa Floral Mykonos is situated in Chora, where no vehicle is allowed. The paved alleys are exclusively pedestrian zones. The closest a vehicle can get is the entrance of the Town, where you can find the famous Remezzo. Quite close, in the nearby port, there is a public parking lot, just 400 metres away from the lodging. There are also many private parking lots in the surrounding area.

Whether you travel by plane or by boat, getting to the entrance of the Town takes about 15 minutes. Transportation is not offered, so you should rent a car or use a public means of transport of your choice. If you arrive by boat, you can get to the central beach Gialos by getting the ‘Sea bus’ which is quite enjoyable and offers a first glance of the Town.

Overall, your stay in  Villa Floral Mykonos combines comfort and quality along with unique sensations only Mykonos can offer.